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Do you like my scars?


So, was the ~GREATEST MOVIE EVAR~ worth it? Let me be the judge.

In a few, simple words: Yes, it was fucking epic and worth all the hype and wait and moneez. And I'm not just jumping on the bandwagon. It was a very good movie.

And yes, the Joker was the best part. I was the first to call Heath Ledger on his pretentious cuntness back in the day, but boyfriend TORE IT UP. He was so creepy and sadistic and funny and awesome. I won't ruin everything, but there is a scene at a hospital that will crack your shit up. I misted up when they showed his little dedication at the end. And I totally listened to Nick Drake on the way home ~in his honor~(since he was allegedly ~majorly gay~ for him).

My only problem is that it ran way too long. The "Two Face" story would have been better suited for the sequel as it felt sort of disjointed and not apart of the actual movie. It would have also cut the movie down to a reasonable amount of time. I went in there at 9:55 and didn't get out until 12:40. That's just redonkulous. And, I'm sorry, but Christian Bale's "Batman voice" brought the lulz. I'M NOT WEARING HOCKEY PADS.

So bbs. Agree? Disagree? Though it should be noted that if you disagree you are a no good, dirty, Communist son of a bitch traitor.
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