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I need to B my L on someone's Ts

So, was it any good? Was the Segel peen any good?

In a nutshell: YES

I loved, loved, loved the movie, y'all. It was hilarious, and really quite touching(I even cried, srsly). That Segel kid is going places, I tells ya. It was certainly a lot more subtle than most Apatow movies, and honestly, I think it may edge out Knocked Up or Superbad just a little on the funny scale. Maybe. I'll give it time.

Jason Segel is now my favorite person ever. He's always been up there, but he's really a great writer. He didn't make anyone a villian or a victim. But there were definite moments where I knew exactly how I felt about the characters. I loved Peter before even going in, but watching him flex in the mirror and say "Good for you Pete, good for you." cracked my shit up. I knew I loved Rachel when she and Peter were eating dinner with Sarah and Aldous and Sarah was all "I think Hawaii is a place for people who want to escape their problems." and Rachel grabs Peter and kisses him in front of her and is all "I like living here, bitch! SUCK IT!". And of course, I loved Aldous from the time I first saw him. He definitely got the biggest laughs from the audience. "SODOMIZE INTOLERANCE!"

I hated Sarah the minute she brought up how ~awful~ it was that Peter wore sweatpants for an entire week. WTF? Srsly? Who gives a fuck what someone wears? But I have to admit, there were times I really felt for her. Like when she found out her show was cancelled and admitted she was scared, or that talk she and Peter had where she mentioned how hard she tried to save their relationship. That scene actually made me a little misty. KBell did a pretty damn good job.

A few notes:

- The repeated shots of peen are well worth the price of admission. It's a very nice peen. Although, it was funny hearing the clueless old woman behind me(who apparently wandered into the wrong theater)say "Oh my god!" under her breath when it first happened.

- I loved Jack McBayer and Maria Thayer as the Jesus-y newlywed couple. I actually said "GASP! TAMMI LITTLENUT!" in my head when she showed up. YOU HAVE CHRIST BETWEEN YOUR THIGHS.

- Paul Rudd is full of win. "Oh the weather outside is weather..."

- I actually cried a little during the scene where Sarah talks to Rachel about her hanging out with Peter. "No really, you're like, so pretty." and then starts to cry. It broke my heart.:(

- I honestly think the part that made me laugh the hardest was Peter's song where he kind of duets with himself. "Peter, you need to see a psychiatrist" "NO I HATE PSYCHIATRISTS!!!". It killed me. But I also loved "Maybe it's because you broke my heart into a million pieces, and my cock doesn't want to get hard for you!"

- That Dracula puppet musical at the end was amazing. I'd srsly go see that irl. No lie.

So ladies, any thoughts?
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