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Another Juno post bbs!

I saw it last night, and to my surprise....really liked it. The diaglogue wasn't nearly as annoying or pretentious as I thought. There were a couple instances where I rolled my eyes a little, but nothing like what I had predicted. Juno was actually pretty likeable and sweet. I thought they were going to overdue the snarky sasspot-ness. And, of course, Mikey Cera was a-fucking-dorable. His little "I know you weren't bored because there was a lot of stuff on TV that day" rant was amazing. I laughed so hard. And the scene of them in the hospital at the end made me openly weep. I only wish he was in it more. Juno's stepmom was really funny too. I was expecting her to be there to just be the token bitch. But she had some of the funniest lines.

I have to admit though, I hated Jennifer Garner's character. I guess I was supposed to sympathize with her, but she was so.....boring and controlling to me. Not gonna lie though, the scene of her and Juno at the mall made me teary. And that underlying creepiness between Juno and Jason Bateman was just weird and not really needed. I loved their relationship, but the pedo vibe was just creepy. All in all though, I must say I was wrong, Juno was really funny and charming.
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