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Lulz, I'm on the internets on Christmas

So, I'm totally scared to see Juno you guys.

But why Crouton, why?!

Well, at first I wasn't. I was completely STOKED to see it. "Hey, MICHAEL FUCKIN' CERA'S in it! I dig Ellen Page and Jason Bateman. And they played the Moldy Peaches in the trailer. I'm in." But reading all this stuff about it and seeing clips has me doubting. It sorta looks like it's going to be one of those movies that's in love with its own idiosyncrasies and is quirky for the sake of being quirky. Like the writers and director were just in the back during filming fellating themselves over what the characters were saying. "Oooh God! Obscure reference!"

There were several things in the trailer that were kind of "Bitch plz!" moments, like "Oh of course such and such is like this." kind of things. Of course Juno, in her infinite quirkiness, has an ironic hamburger phone. Of course Paulie Bleeker is always wearing his track uniform. I love when filmmakers put in a lot of attention to detail and put in small things that fit with the character. But some of these just seem like they want kids to see it and think "I want to be as cool as Juno!" It's like they were far more concerned with making things hip rather than good.

It seems like it may be far too self aware(The OC Syndrome). They know what they're doing is ~sew quirky and indie~ and they're kind of winking like "Look how cool we are". For me, quirkiness only really works when the characters are unaware that they're not like everyone else.

I'll still go see it, but I hope I'm proven wrong. Questions? Comments?
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