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Okay, it's not about him, but he got your attention, didn't he?

- I've become addicted to Boogie Nights. Weird, yes, but I found it in a $5.99 bin at Best Buy and took it home because I had only seen it once 7 years ago. Now I can't stop watching it........and I'm sort of attracted to Marky Mark. He's still not as cool as Phillip Seymour Hoffman though. Nobody rocks out a slighty creepy, chubbo gay dude like PSH.

- I'm so beyond stoked for Walk Hard. I saw the trailer before Superbad and nearly choked to death laughing. If I laughed that hard at the trailer, imagine how good the actual movie will be! Then again, they could have put all the good stuff in the trailer. Oh well, I'm keeping my hopes up. Jack White is Elvis and teh Schwartz is Ringo Starr. I. AM. SOLD. "It's not Cox unless I say it tastes like Cox."

^He's still the finest bitch in town, amiright?

- Somebody I know was on the TV box, y'all! Kelly was on "Last Model Standing" on E! this weekend. It was a contest similar to Top Model, but you know, not. A group of models had to stand with their hands on a giant Marie Claire for 36 hours(I shit you not). You had challenges and stuff, if you moved your hands you were elimnated, etc. etc. The winner got a spread in Marie Claire. Sadly, she didn't win, but I was totes rooting for her anyway.

^She's the pretty lady on the left. And leave it to me to look incredibly fat and groce in a picture with a MODEL.:(

PS GUISE- I GOTS A MYSPACE NOW! Add me if you like bbs.:)

^Plz don't make fun of me for only having 40 some friends. I just started it like a week ago.:/
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