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Everybody seems so down lately. Even mah LJ ladies. So to cheer everybody up, I present a picgasm which will surely cure your blues.

Greatest. Picture. Ever.

^Mr. Grenier, if you can't tell.

^Ben Kweller and Jared from KOL(aka the cutest lil' spaz ever). It's totes a drunken MySpace ~BFFs 4 lyfe~ picture.

^You cannot resist that face. It's impossible.

^I enjoy politically minded smarty pants. You should too.

^He thinks it's funny that cologne rhymes with alone.


^So sassy!

^Sometimes I lie and say that's me in the picture(HA FOOLS!). I actually found it on College Humor with the caption "Jon Stewart is my pimp daddy".

^One day Conan will take me out for a drive in the ol' desk. One day. Mustaches win btw.

^Wook at his wittle sweater. And he plays ukelele. LOVE.

^Another JGL just 'cause he's so fucking hot.

^It has been scientifically proven that the Jim face cures all problems. You cannot dispute science.


^"How do I put this? Yes?"

^Don't front, it makes you laugh too.

^I nearly shat myself laughing at this. Whoever created it, I bow to you, good sir or maddam.

^He and I should totally bang, don't you think?

^It's been posted before, but it's so beautiful, I couldn't resist.

^His name is Adam. He's your biggest fan.

^Y u so hot bb?

^"Go ahead. Give it a tug."

The end. ILU BBs.
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