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I want to post something.

So here it is...

- I'm up at 6:30 AM. Why? Idk. I can't sleep. I had the strangest night. I was driving to Target at about 9 last night and I had the weirdest thing happen. My right arm went kind of tingly and numb, my head started hurting, my heart was beating really fast, my vision went kind of tunnel-y, I couldn't breathe very well. IT WAS FUCKED UP. I have never had something like that happen before. I srsly thought I was having a heart attack or dying or something. Which doesn't make sense because I'm in perfectly good health. Maybe it was a panic atttack? Idk, I've never had one of those either. And I don't know what I would be panicking about. But it scared the shit out of me. Even weirder, I drove back home and threw up for an hour straight. Now I feel normal again. WTF was that?

I'm rly paranoid about shit like this. I probably just have a bug or something, but I'm always "OMFGZ! BRAIN CANCER!"
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