I realized earlier that I've had my head too far up MySpace's ass and have been neglecting my little ol' ElJay. I've been keeping up with all mah bbs on here though. So I thought I'd share some goodies found during my travels through teh internet wilderness.

Happy New Year America by Sir Ryan Adams

^Found on mah bbs daddy's LJ community. It was on his YouTube, but Nervous Nelly took it down. It's a few months old, but goddamn, it brings joy.

Also, can you guess who these presh bbs grew up to be?

^If you spend any amount of time on ONTD, or recognize that awesome unibrow, you can. He even has the same haircut now 20 years later.
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I really liked you in Knocked Up. So much so that I could ignore all the stupid shit that came out of your mouth, like saying you cried during Borat. But now you're bad mouthing the one movie that made you what you are? BITCH PLZ!

I'm fully aware there are plenty of sex comedies out there that are sexist and portray women as nagging shrews or sluts, but Knocked Up is not one of them. Showing that women too have flaws IS NOT SEXIST. The only character who was even a shrew was Debbie. And just because one woman in one movie was a cunt does not mean Judd Apatow is a sexist bastard that just wants to make women look bad.

And remember, the men were not exactly portrayed as saints either. Sure, they were given redeeming qualities, but everyone was. Even Debbie. That's what I liked about Knocked Up: It didn't blame one person for the failure of a relationship. It showed that both the man and the woman have some stake in it. It was realistic. So SIT DOWN HO!
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